and now for your moment of zen

Monday, November 07, 2005

good day

I finally got around to working out this morning, did some weight training for legs. I was pretty good with my diet too.

Breakfast-1 cup low fat soy milk, banana, 1 tbs rice protein, 1 tbs hemp protein, 1 tsp barley green

snack- apple + 1/4 cup raw almonds

lunch- pure trim shake

dinner- salad w/ fat free dressing and croutons, serving of shepards pie, slice of pumpkin pie, all vegan of course!!!

i definately didnt drink enough water today tho.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

junk food junkie

i havent been eating very healthy or consistantly since this weekend when i got sick.

Sunday I ate a few saltines over the course of the whole day, Monday I had a bag of sugar snap peas and two bean burritos, Tuesday vegan chocolate and some vegan nachos.
Wednesday, A banana, and some soy cheese nachos.
And today, I've had a few nasty cupcakes i made to take to a class and were too icky ( they're supposed to be healthy, have black bean pureee in them) and a slice of vegan pumpkin pie.

I've been eating so crappy. I'm still sick.I need to get a handle on it and get my workout plan in gear. ARRRGGG.